Our Story

Instakin’s story is based on the experience of its founder. Our vision is to create a better life for immigrants by helping them with all documentation related tasks. Our name is based on the vision of our Founders. Insta meaning instant and Kin meaning your family. We are your trusted Kin who is here to help you.

Instakin’s founders believe that immigrants should be able to live a hassle-free life when it comes to getting things done in their home countries. We are focused on eliminating a major pain-point faced by immigrants that impacts their lives. Being so far away from home, it is hard to rely on busy friends/family or on fragmented offline providers. There is no accountability if service providers don’t deliver results or are unresponsive. This causes anxiety and more stress to immigrants as they feel helpless. The opportunity cost is to spend thousands of dollars to travel back home to find resolution. That is not an option for many of us due to job or business requirements.

As Instakin, we save both time and money for current and future immigrants. We ensure that each and every customer of Instakin is covered by our Instakin Guarantee which provide total satisfaction for every task that we handle.

InstaKin Platform Guarantee:

Our #1 priority here at InstaKin is your happiness and satisfaction. Which means that we 100% stand by our service levels. Nothing is more important for us than your trust and happiness. If you face a problem with our platform or our service-providers, please reach out to us at info@instakin.com and we will solve it for you no matter what it takes. Our client team will handle refunds and offer additional complementary services to ensure your satisfaction.