Property Advisory

Welcome to the peerless property manager

As wavered earlier to be the most efficient task manager of the town, Instakin is once again here to assist immigrants with unrivaled property management services. This time for the Properties they own or wish to own back in home Country!

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What we offer?

We, under the roof of Instakin, are primarily serving four types of property management services.

Property Rental

In case if you own a property back in your home country, and looking out for a reliable tenant to move in, you have surely come down to the right door. Read More...

Property Maintenance

Instakin helps home owners to get their properties maintained back at home country. Read More...

Buy/sell property

Crawling further, Instakin also provides property buying and selling services by connecting you with the most reliable property dealers of the time.Read More...

Legal Documentation

Taxation issues are always on everyone’s’ Call. Instakin can take your charge and help you get rid of tax formalities without any nuisance.Read More...

Yes, you heard it right! –Cheers to the true-blue property managers in town.

Once again, Instakin is serving to be a one-stop solution for all your property related problems. We, at Instakin, are a team of dedicated property managers catering full suite of services every home-owner has been thriving for!

Our property management team at Instakin is equipped with individuals wearing real estate skills over their sleeves. We are experienced individuals focused towards nurturing trust and loyalty while assisting customers with the lowest possible rates.

Instakin renders instant solutions for all property oriented issues. Now may it be selling, buying, renovation or the basic tax advisory stuff.

We offer round the clock services that are open for everyone around, including condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, active adult communities, cooperatives, and more!