Legal Documentation

Instakin can fulfill your legal needs with ease. Our wide range of services includes Birth certificates, Marriage certificate, Form – B for minors ,Domicile , Bachelor certificate, unmarried certificate, police clearance certificate, medical certificates, divorce certificates, Death certificate, Family registration certificate as well as translation services for various embassies . Legal services regarding real estate include lease deed, sale deed , Non Encumbrance certificate(fard) , Mortgage deed, Approved building plans , Rent agreements . We can help obtain them as well as getting them attested too.

Birth Certificate

Need NADRA Birth Certificate attestation for any immigration, visa or passport issuance for immigration? NADRA Birth Certificate for Pakistan is an official record of person’s date & the place of birth issued only by the Union Council. The NADRA Birth Certificate is a legal prerequisite for legal actions in Pakistan. NADRA birth certificate is vital requirement for immigration purposes such as attaining a green card or a visitor’s Visa, sponsoring parents, etc.

Birth Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & Copy (CNIC/NICOP).
  • • Birth certificate or original & copy of mother/father’s passport/CNIC, NICOP (In case of adding the mother’s name on the birth certificate) assists in obtaining your birth certificate attested swiftly from NADRA.

Marriage Certificate offers trusted and reliable process of obtaining NADRA Marriage Certificate with zero hassles. Marriage Certificate is to confirm the wedding contract between husband and wife. NADRA Marriage Certificate is required to prove a maiden name change when married and for family and spouse visa internationally, for Bank Accounts, for Divorce, for Adoption, for Pensions, and for immigration process.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & Copy of Urdu Nikahnama
  • • Original or Copy of CNIC (Bride & Groom)
  • • Original or Copy of Father’s CNIC (Bride & Groom)
  • • Original or Copy of CNIC (Nikahkawan)
  • • Copies of passport (overseas Pakistanis) assists in getting your marriage certificate attested from foreign affairs, UAE Embassy, Saudi Embassy or any relevant Embassy.

Divorce Certificate assists in getting your Divorce Certificate from Karachi, Divorce Certificate from Lahore, among other cities. The NADRA divorce certificate is issued when the arbitration council has completed the proceedings of khula/talaq and both the husband and wife have attended the proceedings.

Divorce Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & the Copy of divorce certificate
  • • Copy of CNIC (Husband & Wife).
  • • Copy of Nikkahnama.
  • • Passport Copy of Wife or Husband (if applicable).

Death Certificate

Get your Death Certificate from Karachi, Death Certificate from Lahore, Death Certificate from Islamabad attested with the assistance of A death certificate is legal proof of someone’s death. It is an official document used to settle the deceased’s affairs.

Death Certificate Required for:

  • 1. Close a bank account.
  • 2. Close the investment accounts of the deceased.
  • 3. Notify government agencies of the death.
  • 4. File a life insurance claim.
  • 5. Claim Medicaid benefits.
  • 6. Claim pension benefits (if you’re the spouse of the deceased).

Death Certificate Issuance Requirements:

  • 1. Copy of hospital death certificate
  • 2. Copy of graveyard slip
  • 3. Copy of deceased CNIC
  • 4. Copy of applicant’s CNIC
  • 5. Copy of deceased’s father CNIC
  • 6. Copy of CNIC from any close blood relative

Death Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & the copy of deceased CNIC
  • • Copy of CNIC (Father, Mother or Wife).
  • • Copy of the hospital death certificate.
  • • Copy of hospital death certificate.

No Birth Record Certificate

Reach out to to get your Non-Availability of Birth certificate issued/attested. No Birth Record Certificate from Pakistan is an alternate document of Birth Certificate. It is issued in rare cases where the applicant’s birth record is not available. Non Availability of Birth Certificate is also called No Record Certificate OR No Entry of Birth. Copies of the Non-Availability of Birth certificate is required for:

  • 1. U.S.A Immigration
  • 2. No entry for Canada immigration.
  • 3. Passport renewal.
  • 4. Jobs and Employments.

Non-Availability of Birth Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & the copy of CNIC.
  • • Copy of the Passport (National/Non-national).

Domicile/PRC Certificate assists in issuance & attestations of Domicile/PRC Certificate from Punjab, Sindh, Balouchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Citizens of Pakistan need to issue a domicile and PRC (Permanent Residential Certificate) for their specific city of residence for several purposes such as education, job, and etc.

Domicile/PRC Certificate Issuance Requirements:

  • • 5 photographs (passport size)
  • • Original & Copy of CNIC.
  • • Form –B (Age below 18 years)
  • • Copies of all educational documents(Inter/Matric Bachelors/Masters)
  • • Copies of CNIC & domicile of the father (for children ages below 21 years).
  • • Copy of service certificate (In case of Govt. employee) – Attested.
  • • Residence proof (electric/gas bill, if on rent copy of rent agreement) – Attested.
  • • CNIC copy of spouse
  • • Copies of birth certificates of children or Form B (For Married Women/Men) – Attested.

Domicile/PRC Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & Copy of Domicile/PRC.
  • • Original & Copy of CNIC.

Bonafide Certificate successfully assists in the issuance & attestations of Bonafide university certificate. A Bonafide Certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to the particular educational institute in Pakistan. It is a certificate of evidence ensuring that the student belongs to a particular course in the institution during a specific year.

Bonafide University Certificate Issuance Requirements:

  • • Original & Copy of CNIC
  • • Original and Copy of Educational Transcripts
  • • Original and copy of Degrees

Notary Public Attestation assists in getting your documents notarized from Karachi, documents notarized from Lahore, documents notarized from Islamabad among many cities of Pakistan. A notarized document gets certified by a notary public. The notary public is the regulatory authority who verifies the identities of everybody signing the document, and witnesses the signatures. Notarization of documents is to ensure all signatures on a document are legitimate notarizes the following documents:

  • 1. Financial Documents
  • • Mortgage closing documents
  • • Property deeds
  • • Loan documents
  • • Some types of credit or loan documents
  • 2. Legal Documents
  • • Wills
  • • Trusts
  • • Advanced directives
  • • Executorships
  • • Custody and guardianship agreements
  • • Power of attorney
  • • Court documents
  • 3. Business Documents
  • • Articles of incorporation
  • • Memorandum of understanding documents
  • • Vendor contracts
  • • Commercial leases
  • • Employment contracts
  • • Construction and loan agreements.

First Class Magistrate / Justice of Peace Attestation

Need first class magistrate attestations for visa documents OR Legal matters? assists in attesting your documents from a First Class Magistrate/Justice of Peace Attestations in an expedited manner.

Documents Attested:

  • • Property Documents
  • • Affidavits
  • • Legal Papers
  • • Divorce Documents

Gazetted Officer Attestation

Get your document attested from an authentic Gazetted Officer in Karachi, Gazetted Officer in Lahore, Gazetted Officer in Islamabad among many cities of Pakistan. gets your relevant documents attested from a gazette officer who has the position of a permanent teacher of a government college, a principal of any government school which is at least up to class 10, the principal of any degree college, registrar and vice Chancellor of universities.

Gazetted Officer Attestations Procedure:

  • • Cross-match the Original/Copies of Documents.
  • • Document Copies Attestation..

Family Registration Certificate

Get identified by NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) for Embassy use. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is required for identifications with your NADRA’s record for Embassy use and not required for other legal purposes. Family registration certificate includes the following categories:

  • 1. By Birth: Certificate list your family including the details of your parents and siblings.
  • 2. By Marriage: Certificate include family records as well as spouse & children.
  • 3. By Adoption: Certificate include family records as well as guardian.

Family Registration Certificate Attestations Requirements:

  • • Original & the copy of the certificate.
  • • Copy of CNIC (Every member of the family).
  • • Copy of B-Form (Age below 18). helps you issuance & attestations of all three categories of Family Registration Certificate.

Police Character Certificate

Want to issue OR attest Police Character Certificate in Pakistan? The Police Character Certificate enables migration to a foreign country easy. It is a legal declaration showing the absence of criminal history in a citizen’s record.

Requirements for Police Character Certificate:

  • • Original & the copy of police character certificate issued by the concerned police authorities.
  • • Copy of CNIC/NICOP (Attested).
  • • Copy of valid Pakistani Passport (Attested).

No Marriage Certificate offers fast and reliable process of No Marriage Certificate Attestations Bachelorhood or an Unmarried certificate is required when you wish get marry into any other country. It is called "Single Status Certificate" Or "Unmarried Certificate" in Pakistan.

No marriage Certificate Issuance Requirements:

  • • Signed Affidavit declaring you unmarried (Parents/Brother).
  • • Copy of applicant & signing participants.

No marriage Certificate Attestation Requirements:

  • • Original & Copy of the Unmarried Certificate.
  • • Copy of applicant & signing participants. assists in getting your unmarried/single status certificate issued by Secretary or Nazim Union Council & attested by Notary Public & MOFA swiftly.

Translation Services

Avail our Document Translation Services from Urdu to English & Urdu to Arabic as per Embassy requirements. assists in translation services for immigration, foreign employment & further education, wherever required. We translate all the educational, non-educational, legal & immigration documents from Urdu to English & Urdu to Arabic in an expedited manner. We ensure all the certifications are in compliance with required standards.