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Instakin was founded for million of immigrants living away from their home countries who need a way to manage their remittances efficiently and with complete transparency. Every hard working immigrant now has access to a trusted and secure way to manage tasks back home. Most importantly, they can how their remittance funds are being utilized.

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What’s possible with Instakin?

We have spoken to thousands of people living abroad who are looking for easier and better ways to track and control how the money they send back home is utilized. Some of the features our app will have include:

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface to quickly find the right vendor to complete for the requested services – the right vendor with the right price and with the highest service levels
  • A choice of the most common services that immigrants require back home – and the list is growing
  • Secure and worry free payments for services
  • Ability for customers to track when and where their money was spent


Get connected with verified service-providers to handle complex attestation tasks.

Legal Services

Need to connect to a reliable law firm back home? Contact InstaKin.


Need an expert to file paperwork for your family for Immigration? InstaKin can help.

Event Management

Need help managing an important event? Work with our pre-screened vendors back home.

Property Advisory

Have Real Estate related queries? Buy/Sell/Valuation? Post a Request on InstaKin.

Premium Concierge

Special request? Ask us anything and we will connect you to our providers offering customized services.