How Instakin is making a difference in society?


Service provider B2C platforms are nothing new, but there is always a room for improvement, and instakin took the biggest advantage of this leverage. Hitting more than 10,000 followers in just eight months, the hype for this few-months-old company is real, formerly known as the biggest yet the first task manager based in Pakistan, serving globally.

Targeting the convenience of the time and the convenient culture of twenty-nineteen,  NOT KNOCKING DOWN the idea behind the platform—There are tons of businesses eventually aimed towards forging our lives to be a better place to find peace within, One of them is, TASK MANAGEMENT.

To be fair, Instakin is not a task management app over here. The platform sprawls far away from few renowned names, like asana, work front, and Instead, instakin is a social venture volunteering for the emerging needs of Pakistani immigrants in person rather than running some digital organization sheet.

Instakin, how is it different?

Instakin is a one-stop solution for all the emanating issues of Pakistani immigrants striving to make a living outside their mother land. It is the first yet the largest task manager serving throughout the globe to the Pakistani immigrants with the sole aim to make belongings better at home country. The idea was initiated by the founder, Mr.Yasir Shirazi, upon his realization of the hardships faced by himself as an immigrant in an alien country.

Since the other task management set ups already grasped the expectations of digital task-management, he decided to come up with something unique to compliment the market and take it to a whole new level of advancements. Now, when the world is all about commanding your daily routines by tapping on your mobile screens, if you ask Yasir, he claims to be the pioneer of personalization of task management and that’s what instakin is all about.

Established in March 2019, the company is proudly serving the following services;

  • Documentation services
  • Property management
  • Legal Services
  • Immigration
  • Gift delivery
  • Special Request

Being the hub of multiple services, from documentation to real estate, little wonder that an app will even have exposure into the overcrowded world of 8 million Pakistani immigrants or not? Well, that is where the roots begin to strengthen.

The platform is gaining wider popularity across the globe yielding the advantage that travelling thousands of miles just for the sake of one little thing does not seems like a good idea. However, the likelihood of immigrants’ problems is evolving with every next passing day with task managers being the only source to drive endless opportunities.

Instakin is the first most versatile task manger to come on board owning the fact that yes, immigration , that sounds not less than WOW, brought one to circumstances that are beyond imagination. The idea is to cater the thought that living abroad is itself emotionally overwhelming that is bombarded with emerging problem popping out every now and then.

The Steller management support

No offense, instakin is truly serving as a Steller task manager. It is more like a buttress to a wall, already assisting thousands of immigrants with whatever they prefer to get done back at Pakistan. Now, may it be a single document that is to be attested from HEC, a degree that requires to be verified from University, a property that wants a suitable buyer, an event that needs to be arranged, or a greeting that you desperately want to board to your loved ones, Instakin comes hands in hands to deal with all such issues of Pakistani immigrants.

After all, this is what the brand is charging for. Engaged with in the ordinary things like documents attestation, Immigration,  property management, gift delivery, event management, and catering to any Special Request, kudos are actually performing a massive task, only if given a thought! And, with all that, Instakin is making world seem better for immigrants.