INSTAKIN: A migrant’s Digital Savior for Secure Payments Back Home


If you look back a few years, who would have thought that transferring money from point to A to point B could be so instant and easy?

Digital remittances have proved to be a game-changer, replacing traditional money transfers in ways none had imagined!

10 years ago, money transfer from abroad was a huge challenge. It involved visiting bank branches for sending and even the recipient of funds had to go through a lot of hassle especially in developing countries. Families would line up at a bank or go to an exchange agent to send and receive funds. It is not the case now as there has been a rapid increase in digital remittance to get the job done.

Migrant communities are now moving away from traditional remittances towards a new model – InstaKinwhere they can make direct payments to business vendors residing in their home countries. This is also commonly known as purpose-driven remittances or task-based remittances.

Let’s analyze what brought about this significant change. The three crucial problems identified are:

Lack of Trust

Zero transparency in the traditional system, unverified and questionable vendors back home is why migrants have started to find safe, instant, and independent ways to send in their hard-earned money.

Difficulties that usually occur while dealing with vendors are:

  1. Misuse of funds,
  2. Money/goods not being delivered timely,
  3. Inflated bills & invoices,
  4. Ghosting by Business Vendors back home.

Due to these factors, migrants lose their time and money along with losing trust in traditional remittance. They are now switching to different reliable models that do the job well. Here is where InstaKin comes in, connecting migrant communities with already operational, verified, and trusted vendors back home through a quick, accurate, and compliant financial platform. 

Thanks to InstaKin, migrants now have:

  1. Transparency on costs back home,
  2. Zero dependencies on busy relatives of friends,
  3. No leakages as all transactions are invoiced and contracts are issued via InstaKin,
  4. And most importantly, peace of mind as migrants don’t have to run around.

Accessibility issues

Finding the right vendor to do your job can be a big challenge, especially so far away from home. Due to busy friends and family and a lack of access to trustworthy and safe vendors, migrants have no choice but to work with any service provider they can find, resulting in an unsatisfactory delivery or no delivery at all.

Migrants have slowly realized that the traditional remittance model has become a black hole where there is no transparency on money spending. 

InstaKin’s App is easy to use with powerful features and secure payments, as it offers migrants a one-stop solution to all their tasks dealing with problems back home. InstaKin’s App has the edge over its competitors in the following:


One-stop solution for all the immigrants, InstaKin makes getting tasks done back home a whole lot easier. With Instakin, your tasks are just a click away.


Thanks to InstaKin, you know precisely where and when you spent your money. You have complete control and visibility.


We’re big on loyalty programs. With InstaKin, spend more, save more.

Access to Vendors

You can now spend your hard-earned funds on your choice of services directly via InstaKin’s App. From Legal Documentation to Special Requests, we’ve got you covered!

Direct Payments

According to a survey from CENFRI, 71% of migrants would prefer to make payments directly to a business vendor back home instead of sending money to a cousin or uncle and asking them to manage the transaction on their behalf. Direct payments to business vendors imply that migrants only pay for the actual cost of the particular service that they use. They don’t have to worry about facing any delays, misuse or misplacement of funds. 

Immigrants remit for critical tasks back home that include insurance, healthcare, event planning, groceries, legal work, documentation, unique gifts, and many more. The hassle of finding vendors to carry out these payments is no less than a test.

Let’s suppose you have to get a few documents attested immediately by HEC, and because you live in the USA, you can’t do that until you pay a visit to the country. Your first thought will go towards your friends and family, and you will consider talking to them on how they can get the attestation done on your behalf. But then, for a split second, you stop to think, what if they are busy? What if they don’t do as you say and delay the process? Or what if they don’t want to take any such responsibility?

Now, here is when InstaKin comes in. The minute you submit your inquiry on our website, our expert Kin will reach out to you instantly and get your tasks managed as per your liking. Customers will make direct payments with our App’s help for any services they have availed. Migrant communities living abroad need not fret as our team of experts at InstaKin will help you manage all your matters back at homeland, be it anything; you are welcome to avail of our services.

Migrant communities living abroad need not fret as our team of experts at InstaKin will help you manage all your matters back at homeland, be it anything; you are welcome to avail of our services 24/7. Post a request or become our partner today.