InstaKin Introduces a New Concierge Service for Overseas Pakistanis


Making life easier for immigrants worldwide, InstaKin is the world’s first task management service provider and your one-stop solution to control all essential tasks back home.

Living abroad has its set of challenges, but the biggest problem that migrants face from time to time is getting particular tasks done for themselves or their loved ones back home. The inability to access trusted and verified vendors makes it difficult for them to manage critical tasks back home.

How InstaKin Can Help

InstaKin connects migrants with vendors in their home countries. We provide a secure transaction platform, so migrants don’t have to chase vendors or worry about payment security or fulfillment levels. Through an extremely rigorous process, vendors are selected to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

Our Core Services for Immigrant Community

Sending your hard-earned funds back home to an unverified vendor or a busy friend means you suffer from fraud, misuse of funds, and time-sensitive delays. Trust InstaKin to get tasks accomplished back home with verified vendors.

InstaKin’s Special Requests

Need a particular task taken care of back home? Need consumer electronics from trusted and verified vendors delivered ASAP? Or a wedding to organize? InstaKin’s Special Request services are the ultimate solution to getting work done back in your home country. 

InstaKin provides migrants with trustworthy vendors and a personalized one-on-one service that gets the job completed as they would personally like it done.

These services are not only limited to the following mentioned below; these can be anything you wish to get done back in your home country but don’t have the time to get it done yourself. 

  • Personalized gifts
  • Electronics – mobiles, laptops
  • Events – Marriage, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, etc.
  • Home Maintenance
  • Health Care
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate
  • Documentation
  • Financial Services

Being the first task management service provider and a one-stop solution for all migrant needs, migrants often have the following questions:

What is a special request?

A Special Request is anything that you wish to get done in your home country. We aim to do it exactly how you would’ve done it yourself. These services are here to take the load and tension off of migrants for unique tasks back home.

What makes Special Requests different from the rest of the services we offer?

It provides personalized one-on-one service at an affordable price. Our goal is to complete the job as you would personally like it done.

What are the benefits of using a special request?

Not everyone requires full or part-time help. Sometimes, all you need is someone to handle the extras, so you have more time to take more critical responsibilities, do the things you do best.

Do I have to buy a subscription or become a member to avail this service?

No, currently, the service is free of cost to use, and anyone can avail of the service at any given time.

Isn’t it more expensive to use the Special Request service?

When comparing our rates to the cost of your time, loss of business opportunity, the money you save in sourcing the best rates for products or services, or the stress of not accomplishing all of your tasks, you will see that it is surprisingly affordable.

What are the payment methods and payment schedules for a special request?

We accept direct account payments and credit cards. You have to pre-pay for services online. 

InstaKin aims at connecting migrant communities with already operational, verified, and trusted vendors back home through a quick, accurate, and compliant financial platform. 

Thanks to InstaKin, migrants now have:

  1. Transparency on costs back home,
  2. Zero dependencies on busy relatives of friends,
  3. No leakages as all transactions are invoiced. Contracts get issued via InstaKin,
  4. And most importantly, peace of mind as migrants don’t have to run around.

Our Customer App

InstaKin’s App is easy to use with powerful features and secure payments, as it offers migrants a one-stop solution to all their tasks dealing with problems back home. InstaKin’s App has the edge over its competitors in the following:


One-stop solution for all immigrants, InstaKin makes getting tasks done back home a whole lot easier. With Instakin, your tasks are just a click away.


Thanks to InstaKin, you know precisely where and when you spent your money. You have complete control and visibility.


We’re big on loyalty programs. With InstaKin, spend more, save more.

Access to Vendors

You can now spend your hard-earned funds on your choice of services directly via InstaKin’s App. From Legal Documentation to Special Requests, we’ve got you covered!

Key features to securely provide immigrants with access back home:

  • Secure Transactions
  • InstaPay for payment security
  • Multi-Payment Options
  • Digital Wallet
  • Cross-Platform
  • Community Chat & Message Boards
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Intuitive Interface

Our process is simple and convenient:

  • Contact Instakin’s team through our website by clicking on Post A Request and let us know what you need.
  • Our customer excellence team will coordinate and gather all the information from you and provide you with a timeline and a quote.
  • You will make an online payment via our secure payment gateway.
  • We will work with our network of vendors to complete your order’s requirements.
  • We will submit you a full report with our 100% guarantee.

The minute you submit your inquiry on our website, our expert Kin will reach out to you instantly and get your tasks managed as per your liking. Customers will make direct payments with the help of our App for any services they have availed. 

Migrant communities living abroad need not fret as our team of experts at InstaKin will help you manage all your matters back at homeland, be it anything; you are welcome to avail of our services 24/7. Post a request or become our partner today.