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Instakin’s Exciting New Concierge Services for Migrants help

Did you know that there is a huge gap when it comes to Migrants help? 75% of Migrants face hundreds of issues related to dependable vendors and last-mile task management? Thus, even for everyday jobs like document attestations and gift deliveries, migrants have a firm reliance on families and friends to manage their tasks and make payments on their behalf in their home country. In addition, 93% of migrants say they lose control over funds after the money is sent back home. Since the number of Pakistanis migrating to other countries increases every year, primarily to pursue better job possibilities to support their families back home, the inflated prices for managing even a minor errand for migrants increase exponentially.

So, what to do?

The globe has become a global village as a result of this new era of technology and growth. InstaKin is here and ready to assist the abroad population in assuring the safety and proper use of their funds and investments sent back to their home country. According to CENFRI, 71% of overseas Pakistani wish to move to a new platform like InstaKin, which allows them to hire and pay merchants in their home countries directly.

InstaKin Brings One-Stop Solutions to help Migrants.

InstaKin is a reliable and trusted platform that makes it easier for migrants to fulfill their purposes back home. It helps you quickly get in touch for the work with verified vendors from all over the world at amazingly affordable prices. InstaKin is a trustable platform, offering quick assistance, verified vendors, plus easy payment procedures. It has been active since 2019 and provides many services like:

  • Documentation Services: from educational to legal documents’ attestation and applications
  • Property Management: buying, selling, and managing your properties back home
  • Gift delivery: helps you buy the best gifts and deliver them timely and efficiently
  • Legal Services: all types of assistance from company registration to local civil matters
  • Immigration: support and advice of a specialist team for immigration purposes
  • InstaRunner: your partner for the last-mile errand management back home 
  • Personalized requests: an exceptional service of Customized gifts and arranging events for your loved ones at the homeland while you are faraway doing hard work for your family’s future.

Sign Up on The InstaKin Application

InstaKin makes their services a lot easier to avail for their overseas customers by introducing the “InstaKin Costumer App,” which provides all InstaKin services in the palm of your hand. Easy to use, download the app into your mobile phone, place your request and consider it done. The best part is that this app works both on iOS and Android phones.

Your security is InstaKin’s top priority; whether it is your details or payment info, InstaKin strives to keep it protected and shall not be shared with anyone. Your payment will be used only for the services that you requested; it’s Instakin’s guarantee. This application is focused on Migrants help. The main features of this application are given as follows:

  1. Secure Payment: With the incorporation of the newest technology, InstaKin provides you the safest procedure of payment where all the details are kept safe and protected.
  2. Live Chat: Through this feature, InstaKin provides direct contact with highly specialized vendors you choose for the task you want.
  3. Cross-Platform: An app that can work on any mobile phone.
  4. Intuitive Interface: It’s a ready-to-use app, download it and take advantage of the fantastic services provided by InstaKin.
  5. Push notifications: Stay updated with our latest offers to avail of all discounts and enjoy the InstaKin service cost-effectively.

Download our application today and sign up to get connected with your loved ones back home. InstaKin helps spread the smile across the border, and you can always be there for your family and friends. To stay connected, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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