Instakin’s exciting new concierge services for overseas Pakistanis


An immense number of people migrate from Pakistan to other countries worldwide and the rate of migration continues to increase every year, mainly in search of better-earning opportunities to make life better for their families back home. When looking for vendors far from home, there are too many high prices and also a doubt of fraud.

In old times it was even difficult for the people living overseas to contact their families but this new era of technology and development has merged the whole world into what is called a global village.

For the instance of the overseas community and ensuring the protection and right use of their remittances sent to their homeland, Instakin is here and ready to help.

Instakin brings one-stop Solutions to these troubles.

Instakin A reliable and trusted platform that makes it easier for migrants to fulfill their purposes back home. It helps you to easily get in touch for the work with verified Vendors from all over the world at amazingly affordable prices. Instakin is a trustable platform, offering quick assistance, verified vendors plus easy payment procedures. It has been active since 2019 and already offers many services like:

Documentation Services; (from educational to legal documentation)

Property Management; (both buying and selling properties)

Consumer Electronic Products; (helps you buy the best electronic products and send them back home)

Legal Services; (all type of assistance from company registration to local civil matters)

Immigration (support and advisory of a specialist team for immigration purposes)

And also special service of Customized gifts and arranging events for your loved ones at homeland while you are faraway doing hard work for your family’s future.

Currently, Instakin has launched a new service known as “Special Request” Service, as a Gift for the migrants. A unique service that’s probably not provided by any other platform which offers advice, arrange, organize events with many worthwhile facilities to its customers.

The main features and highlights of the service are:

Personalized Gifts: birthday, wedding or anniversary, want to gift something from far away and are afraid of reliability and quality, Instakin is here, you can order gifts of your wish and it will be sent safely to your family.

Electronics: Through Instakin you can buy the most affordable and reliable electronic items and get them delivered wherever you want.

Mobile and Laptops: Top and latest brands of mobile and laptops at the most affordable prices are also provided by Instakin.

Event Planning: Marriage, Birthday, Bridal shower, or any other event that you want to be done by specialists, Instakin makes it happen.

Household Services: Want to get your house painted? Need the pipelines fixed? or want furniture mended! Instakin is the answer to fix your all household problems. It provides verified and reliable vendors for your work to be quickly done without disturbing you.

Car Mechanics: Instakin also provides qualified mechanics that can take care of your cars servicing and repairing.

Glass Work: Instakin also helps in providing all types of new-style glass work for your house to enhance the beauty of your home.

Interior Designer: Instakin helps you in getting in touch with specialized and experienced Interior designers at affordable prices and easy payment services.

Electricians: Get in touch with a qualified electrician through Instakin for getting your house wiring fixed.

Benefits of the New Service:

The first and important benefit of this new service is that now citizens from Pakistan living in any other country can take advantage of getting their work done back home according to their wish, without being hazardous.

Secondly, this awesome service is free of cost and is ready to be availed by anyone and at any given time.

Thirdly the cost of services and products are amazingly affordable for all and this service not just saves your money but also your energy and time, keeping you stress-free towards the things important to you back home.

Fourth and foremost is that the payment procedure is quite simple and easy, you can do direct account payment or you can also choose to pay with a credit card, it’s up to you, although you have to pre-pay for services online.

Instakin App:

Instakin makes their services a lot easier to avail for their overseas customers by introducing the “Instakin Costumer App” which provides all Instakin services in the palm of your hand. Easy to use, download the app into your mobile phone, place your request and consider it done. The best part is that this app works both on iOS and Android phones.

Your security is Instakin’s top priority, whether it is your personal details or payment info, Instakin strives to keep it protected and shall not be shared with anyone. Your payment will be used only for the services that you requested, it’s Intakin’s guarantee.

Main Features of this app:

Secure Payment: With the incorporation of the newest technology, Instakin provides you the most secure procedure of payment where all the details are kept safe and protected.

Live Chat: Through this feature Intakin ensures to provide you direct contact with highly specialized vendors whom you choose for the task you want to be done.

Cross-Platform: An app that can work on any type of mobile phone.

Intuitive Interface: It’s a ready-to-use app, just download it and take advantage of the amazing services provided by Instakin.

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