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Migrants Managing Key Tasks and Paying Bills from Overseas is cumbersome

Ideally, transferring money back to home countries in the last ten years means going to a local store across the street, standing in long lines at a bank, requesting loved ones to complete tasks on your behalf, or going to an agency. However, with technological advancements, the times have changed. Let us look at what the statistics show and how InstaKin is helping in getting rid of the migrant pain points by making the process simpler and transparent. 

Let’s look at the facts

Did you know that 93% of migrants say they lose control over their remittance spending after the funds are sent back home? Furthermore, immigrant remittances are misappropriated in 75% of cases due to a lack of trusted vendors and a considerable reliance on relatives to make payments on their behalf.

As a result, migrants gradually realize that the traditional remittance paradigm has devolved into a black hole with no accountability for money spent. Migrants have begun to seek out safe, quick, and independent ways to send their hard-earned money back home due to the lack of transparency in the traditional system and the presence of unverified and suspicious vendors back home.

Purpose-driven remittances or task-based remittances

FinTech money transfer companies have grown significantly in recent years, allowing migrants to send money back home. As a result, migrant communities can move away from traditional remittances and toward a new model called InstaKin, which enables them to make direct payments to business vendors in their home nations. This is also known as task-based remittances or purpose-driven remittances.

InstaKin – A one-stop solution for task management back home

InstaKin is the globe’s first task management service provider and your one-stop solution to manage all your last-mile tasks back home, making the lives of Pakistanis overseas easier around the world.

InstaKin, named one of the most innovative FinTech businesses in the United States, standardizes the industry and fundamentally transforms how migrants engage with their families back home. Back in the United States, InstaKin is continuing to extend its last-mile service offerings. InstaKin is bridging the gap between Migrants and their home nations in the following ways:

Documentation services: InstaKin handles all of your documentation-related tasks, from HEC attestation (educational documents) to obtain a police clearance (legal documents).

Property management: From asset acquisition to property appraisal, InstaKin offers a One-Stop-Shop for all of your property management needs at home.

Legal Services: From registering your business to dealing with local civil concerns, InstaKin is your one-stop-shop for all legal services. We put you in touch with vetted vendors.

Immigration: InstaKin has a specialized team of specialists dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service and assistance in the area of immigration.

Special Requests: InstaKin’s Concierge service can help you request any assistance you might need at home. Send us an email with the details of your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Gift Delivery: With a fast, secure, and highly dependable ordering process, InstaKin makes it easy for ex-pats to send personalized gifts to their friends and family.

Wait, there’s more for Migrants!

We believe in strengthening migrant communities at InstaKin. You may rely on InstaKin’s platform to keep track of all your responsibilities at home. InstaKin continues to expand its product by adding new services and innovative features. We want to make the migrant community’s life more manageable. InstaKin has launched InstaRunner, a service that handles all of your last-mile needs at home. Here’s how to get the most out of InstaRunner:

  1. Migrants can use InstaKin’s vendor network to ship consumer electronics to their families back home.
  2. InstaRunner allows Migrants to arrange home care, groceries, and medical services for their parents and family back home.
  3. Migrants can now have food delivered to their families in Pakistan. They can use the InstaKin App to make any personalized request.

The InstaKin Application – Safe, instant, and convenient

The InstaKin App is available for both Android and iOS devices. Our algorithm connects customers ‘ requests with the most relevant providers based on availability, location, service, type, ratings, and service levels. Following are the Key features that aid and securely provide migrants access back home:

  1. Secure Transactions
  2. InstaPay for payment security
  3. Multi-Payment Options
  4. Digital Wallet
  5. Community Chat & Message Boards
  6. Vendor Collaboration

The InstaKin Guarantee

You don’t have to rely on untrustworthy suppliers in your home nation when you use InstaKin. We guarantee to connect you with operational, verified, and trustworthy vendors through a speedy, accurate, and compliant financial platform. Our philosophy is to take care of all your needs at home while you rest and focus on your daily activities. So, get in touch with InstaKin and work with verified business vendors in your native nation.

Final words

We will contact you when a query is received on the website and handle your requested tasks. Customers will use the App to make direct payments for any services they have used. Migrant populations residing in other countries do not have to be concerned. InstaKin’s staff of specialists will assist them in managing all of their affairs back in their hometown, no matter what they are; InstaKin welcomes everybody to use our services. Post a request or become our partner today.

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