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The acronym ICAS stands for “International Credentials Assessment Service.” You can receive ECA for your degrees and certificates earned at non-Canadian post-secondary institutions (universities and colleges) by using this service. Secondary-level credentials (high school diplomas) acquired outside of Canada, and secondary-level diplomas issued by the Ministry of Education in provinces other than Ontario are taken into account. ICAS may be able to evaluate in-progress academic programs only for general use applications. We recognize the difficulties of international credential assessment services (ICAS) in general and for immigration purposes in particular, and we help our customers with both. We help you have your credentials, degrees, and educational certificates verified and graded according to ICAS criteria at InstaKin. We’ll assist you with any documentation-related tasks that come up!
With InstaKin, all you have to do is download the app, make your request through the documentation page, and sit back and relax! The days of difficulties are gone, and you no longer have to settle for a less-than-ideal work or educational institution since you never had the chance to have your credentials evaluated by credential assessment services. By bringing ICAS assessment services closer to overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan, InstaKin makes all attestation duties back home more accessible. Simply complete the contact form below or download our application and submit your request under documentation. We use a milestone-based approach

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