InstaKin makes IQAS Attestation in Pakistan Easy for Immigrants

IQAS stands for International Qualifications Assessment Service. This institute provides educational credential evaluation for immigrants and students who wish to work or study in Canada. If we define it in simpler terms, you will need an ECA received for your formal academic/technical education documents outside Canada to work in Canada. This is why you need your documents verified and attested using the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) given by IQAS. For Express Entry, an ECA granted by IQAS is valid for five years. However, this does not imply that your qualifications are accepted in Canada for licensing. Furthermore, it does not guarantee a job or a successful immigration application; nevertheless, if your immigration application is approved, you may utilize this evaluation when applying for jobs. We understand that receiving ECA by IQAS for your educational documents is quite a hassle.
InstaKin, nevertheless, is here to save you from all this trouble as we offer milestone-based IQAS attestation services in Pakistan. So, if you are an overseas Pakistani, you can simply download the application and place a request under documentation to get your documents verified by IQAS. We have made IQAS attestation in Pakistan hassle-free and easily manageable. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone today and place a request or simply fill in the contact form given below! Now’s the time to get admitted to your dream institute and get one step closer to success!
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