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With InstaKin, the overseas Pakistani community can easily manage legal documentation back home. Overseas Pakistanis will now have access to online legal documentation services both at home and abroad. Our legal documentation services include all sorts of legal documents relating to domicile issuance and birth certificate to real estate and family law, such as family settlements. Divorce / Separation, Child Custody, Property Transfer, Tenancy Agreements, and Money Disputes are just a few of the issues we deal with. In addition to this, online Drafting Services, specifically designed for Pakistanis residing overseas, are occasionally discovered to have issues with property and family conflicts.

We also help with drafting and appearing in court as attorneys on behalf of our clients to settle and resolve all disputes and legal issues for the overseas Pakistani community following Pakistani laws such as Rent laws, Succession laws, Transfer of Property laws, and Family Law (Divorce Law, Inheritance Law, and Child Custody). We entertain diverse special requests as and when made by our customers. We also provide services in other areas of commercial law, such as contract law, company, and partnership law, and banking law in Pakistan, all of which are based on Pakistani laws and solely on the information provided to our legal experts. All you need to do is contact us by downloading the application and placing a request under documentation or simply filling out the form given below. Our customer service representatives will contact you sooner than you expect!

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