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All require bonafide certificates of us at some point in life. It is a well-known requirement for overseas Pakistanis, who need it to apply to universities or apply for a Visa to travel to another country. A bonafide certificate serves as proof that we were once members of a particular organization. The term “bonafide” refers to evidence of study and affiliation with a particular educational institution. Whenever you apply for a new job or want to further your education, you must demonstrate that you have previously studied or worked elsewhere. This is where a certificate like this comes in handy. When it comes to overseas Pakistanis, getting a Bonafide certificate from Pakistan is always a hassle because it follows a lengthy procedure and has a lot of hassle.

Nevertheless, with InstaKin as your go-to platform to manage all documentation services in Pakistan, you do not have to worry about the hassle. We ensure that we provide a complete, end-to-end solution for our clients. From getting Bonafide Certificate issued by Schools / Colleges and getting it attested from District / Area Education Officer / Director School & Colleges to get it verified and attested by MOFA and embassy of your own choice, we provide a complete solution to overseas Pakistanis. In case you are wondering how a Bonafide certificate will benefit you, here are few reasons why you should get it issued and attested at your earliest:

  • Shows affiliation with a company, organization, or institute.
  • Because the organization’s leader usually attests to it, proof of association is required.
  • Required for various reasons, including visa applications, foreign college applications, and new job applications.
  • The certificate includes information for students such as the name of the college, class, and student rank.
  • For employees, the certificate includes information such as the name of the company, the department in which they work, and the position they hold.

With InstaKin, all you need to do is download the app and place a request under documentation. You do not have to worry about the hassle that this process comes with. You will not have to rush to your educational institute or MOFA to get it issued and attested because we will manage it all for you. All you need to do is place a request using our application or fill and submit the contact form given below. Our experienced personnel will contact you sooner than you think. We will guide you and keep you updated throughout the process as we follow a milestone-based model. Once done, we deliver all the documents safely and securely via DHL/ TCS. So, what’s stopping you? Get your Bonafide certificate issued and attested before it’s too late.

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