Need to run an urgent errand in your home country for your family, such as getting groceries delivered for your old parents? Or perhaps there is a medicine that your loved ones can’t find where they are residing? Well, worry no more! Our InstaRunners are always at your service.


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What is InstaRunner?

An InstaRunner is an Overseas Pakistani’s last-mile fulfillment partner back home. So, whether you want to pick up an electric appliance from one place to another or get groceries for your family back at home, our InstaRunners are always there for you.

What are the benefits of using the InstaRunner service?

An InstaRunner provides you with immediate help, wherever and whenever you need it. We understand the criticality of delivering groceries, medicines, electronic gadgets, etc., to your family back home; thus, we are always there for you for whatever help you require.

What is the service fee?

InstaRunner service is fast, trustworthy and efficient. We charge a flat fee of USD 4.99 per task in your city.

What services can I get from an InstaRunner?

You can get any item delivered from one place to another. Furthermore, we also entertain emergency requests, including commuting your loved ones to any destination, e.g., hospitals, universities, etc. We do not provide services that are illegal in Pakistan.

Do I have to buy any premium subscription for this?

No, you do not have to buy any premium package or subscription. You can use this service using our application anytime and anywhere.

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