Hassle-free consumer electronics delivery across Pakistan

If you are an overseas Pakistani, we understand that how hard it is for you to manage the delivery of consumer electronics such as washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones, tablets, and similar daily household equipment. But do not worry, the days of hassle are over. With InstaKin’s InstaRunner service, you can easily manage the delivery of consumer electronics in Pakistan. So, how does it work? It’s simple, you download the application and place a request on InstaRunner. Our experienced personnel will note down your request, and InstaRunner will pick up the requested items from the shop of your choice and deliver it to your loved ones’ doorstep! Easy, isn’t it? So, what do you have to lose? Make the right choice and hire an InstaRunner for all kinds of last-mile errands back home!

InstaRunner doesn’t only help you live a life of ease and convenience and ensures that despite the long-distance, you stay connected with your loved ones back in Pakistan. Whatever it is that you need, InstaRunner is your go-to service. Be it a smart TV, dryer, solar system, or something simple like a juicer and blender, we have got you covered! We ensure end-to-end payment security while acquiring the best quality consumer electronics at the most pocket-friendly rates. So, pick up your phone today and download the InstaKin application. InstaRunner is just a click away! With InstaRunner, you can manage the following consumer electronics categories (but are not limited to):

Mobiles and Tablets

Do you want to gift your loved ones; new phones and tablets and not trust anyone back home? Hire an InstaRunner today. We ensure to provide your loved ones with the best smart gadgets acquired at the most budget-friendly rates from the shop of your choice.

Home Appliances

Whether it is something as casual as a blender and juicer set, or perhaps you want to change your refrigerator back in Pakistan, InstaRunner can help you with the shipment and delivery!

Computer and Laptops

If you are looking for advanced computers and laptops and do not have time to take a flight back home for something as little as this, InstaRunner is your answer. All you have to do is place a request using our application and relax while InstaRunner does all the job!

Audio and video

Now with InstaRunner, you can deliver the best audio and video gadgets anywhere in Pakistan. Time to restyle your home cinema! InstaRunner can manage all this hassle for you while you sit back and relax!

Musical Instruments

Are you a music enthusiast? Today’s your lucky day. No matter what instrument you need, you do not have to hassle around. Just place a request on InstaRunner, provide the shop details and delivery address!

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