InstaShop is dedicated to providing a broad range of products including edibles, electronics, toys, groceries and an extensive range of lifestyle & fashion products you want to send your loved ones back home through the InstaKin app.

  • Special Gifts

    Show your friends and family you care with InstaKin’s easy-to-use Android and iOS App. InstaShop offers a wide range of products that will make your gifts more memorable. In this section you can shop flowers, gift baskets, cakes, assorted sweets, fragrances and so much more for your friends and families back home.

  • Fashion

    InstaShop brings forward all top-notch designers, branded clothing apparel, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, and more for its users. Now you can send your loved one’s back home; dresses, makeup products from their favorite designers & brands in just one tap!

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics and Home appliances are now available at InstaShop, now you can send your kith & kin back home to everything starting from hairstyling tools to refrigerators, phones, tablets, to air conditioners. Everything you’re looking for is your nearest and dearest, is just one click away!

  • Toys

    InstaShop now presents a wide assortment of kids toys that include, racing cars, RC cars, board games, indoor and outdoor fun activity games, toys that strengthen kid’s motor skills, and more. Under this category you can send toys to your loved ones homeward.


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What will be the lead time for gift delivery?

The lead time for a normal gift delivery is usually 24 hours unless it’s a special request order which needs to be delivered within a specific time period.

Can you deliver the gift on any specific time/ day?

We try our best to accommodate any special requirements specified by our customer. Any such request will vary case to case, as we pre-inform our customers about timelines before taking any orders

How to order a customized gift?

You can directly talk to our vendor for any sort of gift customization and place your order accordingly.

How can I track my order?

After placing your order, delivery timelines will be communicated to the customer through our APP. Customer can reach out to Instakin’s helpdesk in case of any delays

My order has arrived damaged/ faulty, what to do?

In any such case, the customer should reach out to Instakin’s helpdesk immediately and we will ensure that a replacement or a refund is provided as soon as possible

How can I pay you?

You can pay us either of the three following:

via our App
via Cash on Delivery at your home in Pakistan (we understand that sometimes you have already sent funds back home and want your family to pay)
via a bank Transfer

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