Legal Services

In collaboration with the industry’s leading law firms, we work closely with our partners to provide a seamless experience to our customers.

From the easy uploading of your legal documents onto our app to the actual delivery, InstaKin handles each case with total discretion.

  • Help with company registration

  • Need assistance with paying your firm’s taxes?

  • Dealing with fraud or breach of contract?

  • Damaged property and medical malpractice

  • High-volume divorce documents

  • Assistance with child/ spousal support

  • Buying/ selling a house or building

  • Providing legal consultation


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How do you provide corporate law assistance?

Wish to get your company registered? Paying your firm’s taxes seems to be an issue? Fret no more. InstaKin has got you covered!

What do you cover under civil law?

Dealing with fraud? Breach of contract? Medical malpractice? Or damaged property? Trust InstaKin to connect you with the best law firms in the industry.

What types of legal services do you offer?

We currently cover 4 types of legal services.

Civil Law
Corporate Law
Family Law
Real-Estate and Construction

Can you help me with real-estate requests?

Buying a house or building one sure sounds like a bid deal especially if you’re living abroad. We are / InstaKin is the solution for all your real t development and construction needs.

I need assistance with divorce documents, can you help?

Whether you’re serving low or high-volume divorce documents or going through child and spousal support orders, InstaKin is here for you; out-of-state and out-of-country.

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