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Owning an investment property can be financially rewarding. Taking care of it, however, isn’t a walkover and requires a lot of time, commitment, physical presence, and effort. We at InstaKin provide a One Window Solution for all your property management hassles.

InstaKin’s app/system keeps you updated on your property activity including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, and financial reports. You can easily monitor all activity on your property 24 hours a day.

  • Need to market your property for rent or sale?

  • Connect with finest real estate dealers/ property dealers

  • Property Valuation Service

  • Property maintenance, repairs, and remodeling

  • Property Legal Paperwork/ land disputes

  • Real-estate and land disputes

  • Construct a House Back Home


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Can you help me manage my properties back in Pakistan?

We realize that getting used to living in a foreign country and looking after your property in your previous one is a nightmare for any expat. In staking is a professional platform that can manage your property for you. It will act as your most trusted partner, which has a good insight into problems along with the perfect solutions for it.

In staking provides security services, domestic assistance, and regular maintenance facilities to its valued customers.

We also have realtors as partners who can help you sell or rent your properties to profiled tenants. We can also align you with investment advisors who will suggest property options that are not only secure but profitable in the long run.

What services do you offer under rennovation?

Instakin offers renovation services including and not limited to electrical, glass, wood, sanitary, and masonry work for the house, apartment, office, and commercial showrooms all under one roof.

How can I find a suitable property for myself?

You can place your requirements and get details regarding our current and future projects.

How long does it usually take to renovate a home?

As always, size and complexity determine how long an entire unit renovation will take. On average, you can allocate about 30-45 days for on-site work in a top-to-bottom one-bedroom apartment renovation.

What are the payments like?

Advance payment of 50% is to be made to Instakin. We have constructed appropriate payment terms for your needs where invoices are sent after the completion of each phase.

How can I pay you?

We understand the complexity. You can pay us in either of the three payment forms:

  • via our App
  • via Cash on Delivery at your home in Pakistan (we understand that sometimes you have already sent funds back home and want your family to pay)
  • via a bank Transfer

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