Instakin is striving to serve 7.8+ million overseas Pakistani. Our vision further expands to serving 244+ million overseas citizens around the globe regardless of their country roots and provide them with real life solutions.  We help you in managing documentations, properties, gift deliveries, family care and events. Overseas Pakistanis who have roots in Pakistan and need support in managing matters back at homeland, be it anything, are welcome to avail our services 24/7.


Instakin is a third party player which gets your tasks managed. Suppose you have documents that need to be attested by HEC. You live and work in USA and can’t do that until you pay a visit to the country. So now you will look for a relative or a friend to get attestation from Pakistan on your behalf. But what if they are not available? Or you don’t want to be in debt or favors? Or they aren’t taking the responsibility? Well, here comes Instakin’s role of managing your tasks reliably. As soon as you submit your inquiry on our website, our Kin will reach you to get your tasks managed right away because Instakin manages it all. So if you are looking for your documents to get HEC attestation from Pakistan, call Instakin right away. Similarly when you want to send a gift to your friend/family and you don’t have time to go shopping or book courier services to get that all delivered to the very doorstep of gift’s receiver; you call Instakin and tell what exactly you are looking for; because we convert your thoughts into reality for you & your loved ones. Our kin provides you a number of options to help you decide the best gift and as soon as you confirm the order, our kin packs it and delivers it to the very doorstep of the receiver. Now suppose you have properties in Pakistan but you live in UAE, UK or anywhere in the world. Your property needs care, plus you need to pay taxes and also need proper property maintenance. Then who will you reach for managing these tasks on your behalf? What if relatives/friends that you look upon, aren’t ready to take up responsibility for you or you simply are not wanting to get favors from them?  In such a case you can always call Instakin to get our KIN reach your address in no time and get everything related to your property, managed. From paying taxes to getting professional workers on refurbishing and maintenance; Instakin will manage it all for you. 


Instakin is a one stop solution for your every problem as an immigrant. We say that as we realize a win-win theme in our business model. Apart from serving clients in 6 major categories of Documentation, Property management, Immigration, Event management, Gift delivery and Legal Advisory; Instakin has an open platform for amateur & professional vendors to join us and grow their careers as well. All you need to do is to fill out the Sign Up form here at https://instakin.com/be-our-partner/ and let our KIN get in touch with you. We are open to expanding our networks.