Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instakin?

Instakin is a social impact venture which caters to immigrants and was itself established by one. There are a lot of immigrants who live far away from their families in foreign countries to provide their families back home with every comfort that they can ask for. But no matter how luxurious of a life they are leading, both of the parties still miss and worry for each other dearly and their distress intensifies when there is an emergency back home. This causes a lot of hassle and grief for the people who cannot be there with their family in the flash but with Instakin they can be there for them in the time of need. Instakin provides assistance to such families by supporting them by assigning them its vigilant assistants who can do their bidding and help them by running all kind of errands for them.

Instakin caters to the needs of the immigrants and provides them with its 24/7 assistance in order to get things done on their behalf.

Instakin belongs to the same team that already runs three other digital ventures. and socialcxn in Pakistan and HD strategy in the USA.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services.

  • handle any and every kind of issue related to property and real estate.
  • We provide verification, attestation as well as new documentation services.
  • We help you by arranging events on your behalf.
  • Older Care is another critical situation for which we provide our services.
  • We help you in sending personalized gifts back home through our efficient service providers.

How does the process work?

It works in a simple 5 steps process:

  • You will contact Instakin’s team via our ‘Contact Us’ forms for your specific requirement.
  • Our customer excellence team will coordinate and gather all the information from you and provide you with a timeline quote
  • You will make an online payment via our secure payment gateway with Paypal or Stripe.
  • We will work with our network of vendors to complete your order’s requirements.
  • We will submit you a full report with our 100% guarantee.

How do you help other overseas Pakistanis by opting for our services?

Being an expat is tough as they start a new life in a foreign country from scratch in hopes of their family benefiting from that immigration and we believe that while some of us have the monetary means to do well in our lives financially, others are just not as fortunate. So, we plan to donate part of our earnings to help immigrants pay for legal services.

Do you plan to offer financial remittance services in the future?

We are looking at regulatory requirements on this topic so yes this is on our agenda.

I need to receive documents from a local/ government office in my home country. Can you get it done?

Of course, we can get it done, we will require a Power of Attorney from you (don’t worry, we will send you the POA letter to sign). Once you sign and send it back to us, we will manage the entire process for you.

Our professional team knows the exact requirements and has the right contact/team for each department that makes the process the smoothest and the swiftest.

My mother is not well. How can you look after her for me?

As an expat, this is one of the bitter parts about living away from your loved ones but thanks to our very qualified and compassionate professionals who can take care of your parents for you by managing their visits with the consultants, arranging their medicines and providing the assistance with their follow up check-ups and in the meanwhile sending you the consultant’s updates.

We assist patients in their routine visits for dialysis, physiotherapy or any other disease along with home-based services for nursing, physiotherapy or laboratory services.

It is my sister’s wedding next month, can you book a banquet hall for me?

Sure. We have arrangements with all the big names and other various reliable partners who can provide you with the best and the most suitable options according to your budget. Besides this, we also offer rent a car service, hotel bookings, catering services, stage or floral arrangements, beauticians and other various services for all your events to be joyous and full of glee.

We can also help you with arrangements for corporate events and trade shows as we specialize in them along with arranging your gender reveal parties, birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, engagements, mehndi and other different events.

Can you help me manage my properties based in Pakistan?

We realize that getting used to a life in a foreign country along with looking after your property located in your previous one is a nightmare for any expat so this is where we step in. Instakin is a professional platform that can manage your property for you. It will act as your most trusted partner who has a good insight into problems along with the perfect solutions for it.

Instakin provides security services, domestic assistance, and regular maintenance facilities to its valued customers.

We also have realtors as partners who can help you sell or rent your properties out to profiled tenants. We can also hook you up with investment advisors who can help you suggest property options that are not only secure but profitable in the long run.