Our Purpose

Our mission is to reinvent the money transfer experience for migrants in America. Millions of migrants send over $150 billion every year to help their families back home. Yet, the process has not changed much for decades in terms of cost, transparency and security. Even worse, billions of dollars remitted back home do not contribute to the financial well-being of the migrant in America. We are going to change it all!

We are introducing a new way to send money back home to help your family – cashless, secure, instant, and fully digitized. All while you build credit worthiness in your new home in the USA. We are building a financial platform dedicated to migrants in America. It is not just about sending money back home. InstaKin will help migrants take care of their financial well-being.

As fellow migrants, we understand that sending money back home to support our families is just not transactional, it is emotional and social. This is why we are introducing an innovative product for cross-border multinational families. Think of it as a fully digitized way for global families to manage their financial needs together.

Our Investors