About Us


Instakin was founded by Yasir Shirazi to reduce complexity in lives of current and future immigrants. There are more than 200 Million immigrants worldwide remitting more than $600 Billion to their home countries every year. Yet, they can get basic tasks managed back home. They tend to rely on busy family members or unreliable offline service providers. Instakin is disrupting this service segment for immigrants. We are here to make lives of immigrants easier by managing all documentation related tasks for them hassle-free!


Now you don’t have to rely on unknown and less credible service-providers. We offer the ‘Instakin Guarantee’. We will take care of all your needs back home while you sit back, relax, and focus on your everyday life. Issues that current and future immigrants face are complex requiring a thorough understanding of legal and cultural processes and traditional. We strongly believe in our vision to help immigrants get things done hassle-free. We are your trusted Kin who is here to help you.