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What is InstaKin?

We started InstaKin to help immigrants and expats manage tasks back home. As immigrants, we all have had unpleasant experiences where we sent money back home for tasks and later found out that the funds were misused and unexpected delays. We want to make sure that you do not face such problems again. We work with verified and trusted service providers in your home country, so you do not have to waste time and energy looking for busy friends or family members, or unknown vendors.

How does the process work ?

It’s simple and convenient:

  • Contact Instakin’s team through our website by clicking on Contact Us and let us know what you need.
  • Our customer excellence team will coordinate and gather all the information from you and provide you with a timeline and a quote.
  • You will make an online payment via our secure payment gateway
  • We will work with our network of vendors to complete your order’s requirements
  • We will submit you a full report with our 100% guarantee

Do you plan to offer financial remittances services in the future?

We are not a remittance company. We provide direct access to verified business vendors.

My mother is not well. How can you look after her for me?

As an expat, this is one of the bitter parts about living away from your loved ones. Our qualified professionals will take care of your parents by managing their visits with the consultants, arranging their medicines and providing assistance with their follow-up check-ups, and, in the meanwhile, sending you the consultant’s updates.

From assisting patients in their routine visits for dialysis to home-based services for nursing, physiotherapy, or laboratory services, InstaKin has got you covered!

Can you help me manage my properties back in Pakistan?

We realize that getting used to living in a foreign country and looking after your property in your previous one is a nightmare for any expat. In staking is a professional platform that can manage your property for you. It will act as your most trusted partner, which has a good insight into problems along with the perfect solutions for it.

In staking provides security services, domestic assistance, and regular maintenance facilities to its valued customers.

We also have realtors as partners who can help you sell or rent your properties to profiled tenants. We can also align you with investment advisors who will suggest property options that are not only secure but profitable in the long run.

What services do you offer ?

We offer a wide range of services.

  • Property and real estate: whether you need to buy or sell property, we can help you do so with peace of mind that highly qualified professionals are working on your behalf. Additionally, we help with any real estate issues such as transfer of ownership and related documentation.
  • Documentation: if you need certification, verification, or attestation of any document, InstaKin has that covered for you. We can even help you with the issuance of brand new or replacement documents.
  • Event management: Marriages, anniversaries, or any special events – our team of event management experts will make sure that it will be an event to remember
  • Elderly care: we understand the stress of providing elderly care, especially if one is living abroad and the aged persons are back home. In staking will arrange everything to make sure that the elderly are comfortable, relaxed, and well taken off.
  • Concierge service: Whether you want to send a gift to someone back home, need to get food delivered to your family, or even have groceries be purchased and given to someone in particular – let us know what you need, and we will get it done.

How do you help other overseas Pakistanis who are using your services?

Being an expat is challenging as starting a new life in a foreign country from scratch in the hopes of benefiting their families back home. We believe that while some of us have the monetary means to do well in our lives financially, others are just not as fortunate. So, we plan to donate part of our earnings to help immigrants pay for legal services.

I need to receive documents from a local/government office in my home country. Can you get it done?

Yes. We will require a Power of Attorney (POA) from you (we will send you the POA template to sign). Once you sign and send it back to us, we will manage the entire process for you.

It is my sister’s wedding next month; can you book a banquet hall for me?

Sure. We have arrangements with all the big names and other various reliable partners who can provide you with the best and the most suitable options according to your budget. We also offer rent a car service, hotel bookings, catering, stage or floral arrangements, beauticians, and other services for all your events to be joyous and memorable.

We can also help you with arrangements for corporate events and trade shows as we specialize in them and arrange your gender reveal parties, birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, engagements, mehndi, and other different events.

How can I pay you?

We understand the complexity. You can pay us in either of the three

You can pay us either of the three following:

  • via our App
  • via Cash on Delivery at your home in Pakistan (we understand that sometimes you have already sent funds back home and want your family to pay)
  • via a bank Transfer

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